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We are so pleased to announce that we are now stocking a stunning new range of luxury prayer mats. Our new sejadahs have been beautifully made in Turkey and are available in a range of gorgeous colours we know you’ll love.

Designed with luxurious chenille fabric, and wonderful metallic embroidery.

Purple Prayer Mat Luxury Janamaz


Perfect Timing


It has been a difficult few months for many of us as we have been devoid of the privilege of attending our beloved masaajid. As governments are preparing to ease the lockdown regarding houses of worship, it has been advised that upon the opening of the masaajid, attendees should consider bringing along their own prayer mats to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the mosque.


Our new prayer mats are lightweight and easily foldable, so you will have no problem bringing your sejadah along to the masjid with you, to perform your Salah in safety and comfort.


A Simple Gift with a Big Impact

Our Prayer Mats will Make the Perfect Gift


As Muslims, we spend a fair amount of time performing salah, from the fard prayer to the voluntary nawaafil prayers and taraaweeh. Which is why we are honoured to now be able to offer you high quality prayer mats that we hope will provide you ease, enjoyment and inspiration in your salaat.


Treat yourself to a little luxury, or perhaps you are shopping for a heartfelt gift for a friend. What better gift is there than a beautifully crafted luxury prayer mat that will inspire and encourage a love for salah.


With 6 lovely colours to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect piece.

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