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It is probably fair to say that the niqab, or veil, is one of the most controversial items of women’s clothing. With some believing it to be obligatory to others claiming it is not necessary to others even painting it as a symbol of oppression. From Muslim to Muslim, you are sure to find different opinions about the face veil, and Allah knows best. But we advise you to do your research, and listen to the scholars before passing judgement or giving advice.

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Veil & Virtue Niqab Collection

Our Niqab Collection currently consists of 3 popular styles. The half niqab, the single-layer, and the double-layer.

Whether you’re a niqab expert, or a sister considering it for the first time, we hope that this niqab guide will help you to discover the style that works for you.


The Half Niqab

The half niqab is our bestselling style, and makes a smooth addition to your usual hijab, without requiring you to re-jig your whole hijab style or outfit. The half niqab consists of a single piece of fabric which covers the face from the nose down. It features two end ties and is secured behind the head with the bottom flowing loosely.

It can be tied and worn underneath your hijab, or over it depending on your preferred style, however it is worth mentioning that the choice to wear it under the hijab will provide a little more security, especially if you have small children who might pull at the visible ties.

The half niqab is also very easy to eat and drink with, as it can be easily untied from under your hijab or discreetly pulled down and readjusted when needed.

As this niqab style features only two thin ties to secure it, your hairstyle will also play a role in how comfortable you find it to wear. We would suggest wearing your hair in a low bun/ponytail to stop the ties from slipping down.


The Single Layer Niqab


The single layer niqab is a very simple and popular style, particularly with customers in the Gulf States. This style features a forehead band with wide ties either side, connected to a thin piece of chiffon which drapes from the nose down. The single layer niqab is more secure to wear than its half layer counterpart. This style is worn with the band covering the eyebrows and provides a slit that is wide enough for you to see through.

This niqab is mostly worn over your khimar or hijab, and one of the major benefits of the single layer niqab is that it is very secure. However, one issue that we have heard regarding this style is that the band and thicker ties can sometimes put unwanted pressure around the head, with this we would simply suggest a looser tie. Nevertheless, the single layer style is pretty much fool proof and is an easy-wear for niqab newbies.


The Double Layer Niqab


The double layer niqab features the same foundation as the single layer, with the addition of a thin chiffon layer over the top. This extra layer can be worn in two different styles. The first, is to wear it with second layer over the eyes, providing full coverage of both the face and the eyes. And the second style is to wear it with the second layer pulled back over the head, which drapes back beautifully, and can often provide more coverage for your silhouette.

When pulled back, some sisters do find that the loose top layer can get in their way on a day to day, much like wearing long hair out, and some opt to secure it with a hair tie or decorative clip, almost like a loose ponytail. The double layer niqab allows you to keep your full-coverage options open, should the need arise. For this reason, this style is a popular choice for special occasions, where sisters are wearing makeup and lashes etc and require the full face veil.



Designed by us... for you

All of our niqabs have been specially designed by the Veil & Virtue team and are all manufactured in the U.A.E. We have put a lot of thought and consideration into our niqab collection, from the length to the fabrics and styles. Each item has been designed to be most comfortable and functional, and simply fashioned to provide the utmost modesty.

We have had such wonderful feedback from customers who have purchased our niqabs, and we hope to grant many more the pleasure of experiencing our beautiful niqab range.

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